Pony and Poppy

Pony and Poppy is a wonderful shop I recently found on Etsy. Owner Amy Stone creates hand printed textiles that have simple yet enticing designs. She describes her work as "slightly quirky yet classic and colorful." This incredible bag certainly sums up that description. 

Everytime I see tea towels I'm reminded I need to start a collection. Amy has some really beautiful designs to choose from like this one, Green Fronds. And if you like apples, you may just like this sweetly simple Fruit and Veggie bag.

Amy's favorite items are the Rain Cloud pillow and the Merry Marigold cloth napkins. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Amy believes there is such a thing as Southern hospitality and feels "that's a big part of what makes me want to create things for the home." She strongly believes that "sitting down together and sharing a meal is something to cherish in the crazy mad dash of every day life." Adding pretty cloth napkins to the table is certainly one way to stop, take notice and enjoy the moment. 

This tea towel's design was inspired by a cuckoo clock in Amy's grandparents' basement. As she describes, "They had a wonderful little bar area that had a wall of framed black and white photos of family and friends. In the very center there was this fantastic cuckoo clock that just had me transfixed." This bright yellow design gives the infamous clock a fun, modern twist.

This may be my favorite. It's a flour sack towel that dries hands and dishware quickly or as Amy suggests is great for covering bread dough as it rises or as economical gift wrap. I like the idea of just putting it on my oven rail and never touching it so it stays perfect and pretty. 


Photos: Pony and Poppy   Content: Sweet Peach