There's something to be said about stores that just make you happy the moment you step inside. The mood that's created, the detail, the collection of items, the care of placement...all is what Candi McElhannon does brilliantly. Owner of Authentique, a home decor shop in Atlanta, Candi describes her store aesthetic as repurposed, industrial chic. A moment later, she adds, 'It's home goods with personality.' And it's true- all of her artful displays tell a story, with each individual piece adding their own personal flair to the narrative. 

Candi admits she has a lamp addiction and it's apparent they've been chosen as the main characters throughout her shop, adding weight and balance to every scene. She loves to find old lamps that need a hardware update or a new shade to create the right transformation.  

I'm in lust with this old metal and glass doctor's cabinet. Candi believes it's from the 40's. The shape and texture of this is so unique and that white lamp with a rust colored shade ties this little ensemble together perfectly.

One thing you'll notice in Candi's store is that it's not very feminine. In fact, it leans more toward the masculine, which is Candi's preference in design. Her favorite color is black but yet she does black so femininely perfect, right? 

Although her space is relatively small- about 500 square feet, Candi creates mini rooms with her displays, offering a hint of what's possible by combining this with that. It's a space that inspires, which can only enhance the shopper's experience. Candles are a big seller for Candi and she carries some wonderful scents by Voluspa. They fill the many nooks and crannies of the shop and help set the mood.

I got a thing for chicken wire. I don't know what it is but whenever I see anything made out of or utilizing chicken wire, I stare at it and try to will it into my home. This wonderful light fixture is my new must-have.

Born and raised in the South, Candi is attracted to sturdy items built to last like farm tools, tables, crates and old trunks. As she continues to grow with the store, (just open now for two years) she hopes to bring in more used pieces that are one of a kind and handcrafted- items rich in character and subtext essential for every storyteller. 

Hattie, Candi's adorable 'brown dog' as some call her, is a tail wagging love bug. Hattie considers the shop her home and can be heard thumping her tail against the floor the moment you walk inside. Or sometimes she just rolls on over so you get the message quick to rub her tummy. She's good at getting your attention and making you smile. Hmmm, someone takes after their mamma...Thanks for sharing your wonderful shop Candi.


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach