Jason LaFerrera

I have a soft spot for maps and as a nature lover, I became quickly smitten by the work of Jason LaFerrera. By digitally layering antique maps to form his subjects, Jason has created some really wonderful images that demand you spend some time to study and absorb them. Raised in Richmond, Virginia Jason explains, "The use of these old maps certainly give the pieces a bit of vintage flair and along with the general color scheme, it gives the pieces a southern feel."

Jason is particularly fond of this deer piece which is really quite stunning. He is currently studying mathematics at Columbia University and admits he loves to problem solve, which is essentially what each animal demands from him. What goes where and how? He finds inspiration from field guides, the Natural History Museum and vintage books. It demands his focus and skill as he weaves patterns of forests and shores with topography, ultimately creating the right mixture of texture, coloring and depth.  

The natural world is important to Jason, as he explains, "I definitely try and link the habitats with the animals, showing the relationship between their environments and the regions they inhabit." It's clear these images come from a place of deep kindness and connection to the earth. Jason voices his concern, "These animals represent the natural world, and as their habitats shrink we need to remember where they came from and what effects our cities have had on their homes." I couldn't agree more.    See more of Jason's lovely images here.