Windowsill: Lara Rossignol

Our next windowsill pic comes from my friend Lara Rossignol who is the creator of one of my favorite design blogs, Piewacket. Residing right down the street from me in Atlanta, Lara has been so helpful and patient in my desire to start my own blog. I'm technologically inept and impatient when it comes to code and thank you, thank you Lara for leading me through the fray and offering excellent advice along the way. Please take some time today to peruse her blog. She's an accomplished photographer and has such an impeccable eye, her blog is pure eye candy every day. As with all the windowsill postings, I ask those who offer pics to also send me three words to describe themselves. Lara replied: 

It fits her to a tee. Thanks Lara. If you have your own windowsill pic you'd like to share, please send along...


Photo: Lara Rossignol   Content: Sweet Peach