Dublin Dog

I first found these dog collars when I lived in Los Angeles and became an instant fan. I own a pug and a lab, and for all of you that have retrievers, you know well the mess they make. My lab loves to roll in dead animals, mud, manure, go jump in a lake, then run out, shake, and do it all over again. So when I saw that these collars were waterproof, solidly built, easy to clean, well designed and boasted a 'no-stink' claim, I became a customer for life. 

Dublin Dog carries leashes, apparel and dog toys as well. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, their products are wonderfully made and much appreciated by dog owners everywhere. They really do make a hike into the woods that much more fun. My lab has had the same collar for five years now and it still looks like new. And trust me, it's seen some pretty bad days...


Photos: Dublin Dog   Content: Sweet Peach