B. Inspired: Low Cost Lamp

In Charlotte, North Carolina, my good friend Bryce and I stopped by the reliable Value Village for some thrift store scavenging. As we both love lamps and glassware, we found ourselves in the same aisle. Bryce picked up this adorable yellow lamp base for just $4.14 and I liked it immediately. So next step was to buy a lampshade and a few spare parts...


We found a floral patterned lampshade at Target for $14.99, then headed to Home Depot to buy a 3" steel nipple and compatible washer and nut to raise the shade. The total cost for our new lamp was $23. In this case, Bryce followed the same steps it took to take the lamp apart as he did to put it back together. The only addition was to add a longer nipple to achieve the height we wanted.

It took all of ten minutes and voila, a new lamp which ultimately ended up atop my fridge in the kitchen. I love the look of a table lamp in a kitchen and it's pretty much guaranteed no one else will have this lamp. That's the beauty of thrift shopping and a little crafty engineering. Thanks Bryce! 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach