Window Sill: Tiffany Santiago

I'm excited to introduce a regular feature I will simply call, Window Sill. I think a lot of our personalty shines through in our home sills. I'll be taking pictures of various window sills in the South that catch my eye but am also always asking for readers to share a picture of their own window sill with Sweet Peach. The only thing you need to send is your digital picture along with three adjectives that best describe yourself. The picture above is from my good friend, Tiffany Santiago and showcases her kitchen window sill in Asheville, North Carolina. Tiffany's descriptors: 

Rascally, Empathetic, Instinctual. 

I love that she taught me the word 'rascally' and it fits her to a tee. I adore my little rascal to the north. Thank you Tiffany! 


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach