The Wooden Clutc

I saw my first wooden clutch at one of my favorite stores in LA, A + R. I admired it for its unique beauty and hoped someday to buy one myself. That was a few years ago. Then the other day I happened upon the shop, Supplii out of Austin, Texas. Owner, Joelle Andrew handcrafts these fabulous wooden clutches in two versions.

Joelle explains, "This Toolbox Clutch all-bentwood handbag is crafted from thin layers of black walnut and maple wood sheets. The floor is lined with cranberry red molded silicone, fashioned with a wood grain pattern." I love that the whole bag is constructed of wood, without the need for additional materials. 




This tote design has a different look with a more industrial feel. Both versions are surprisingly lightweight at only 12 ounces.  

I love how unique these are and the wooden tote or clutch would make an incredible gift for any lovers of great design and of course, handbags....Thanks Joelle. See more details of her work here. 


Photos: Supplii   Content: Sweet Peach