Linda Ketelhut

Austin, Texas Artist, Linda Ketelhut has a knack for graphic design. As she puts it, "I love bold lines and colors." I'm especially drawn to the modern yet cozy look and feel of this one she calls Sprout 4. Linda explains the importance of color in her work, "For me, color creates a mood. It affects what I think or how I feel when I look at something. I love to use it to create balance in a piece, but also to surprise!" 

I like how you can get lost in her art....especially the aptly named zig zag, or the modern topiary. As Linda explains on her site, "From a young age, I loved space- how it made me feel, the use of it, its colors and angles. I was always looking for new ways to change the space around me that reflected my mood." 

She adds, "Combining my love for color and details with the use of pattern, I create tiny 'homes' for my illustrations to live within. Whether I'm wrapping an illustration in words or filling the page with bright color, I try to merge art with mood with space." 

Linda offers this fun and lively Flower Pop illustration in either a print or notecards.

As she recently moved from NYC to Austin, Linda revels in the bright, sunny days she finds at her new home, as well as the plethora of new textures she's discovered in Texas' rich flora and fauna. She adds, "I feel with a slower pace lifestyle, I'm taking the time to see the layers in life again and I'm incorporating some of those into my work." The above works, Avalanche and Seismic are part of her mother nature series. I like that Linda continues to be inspired. That can only mean good news for the rest of us...


Content: Sweet Peach