The Atlanta Schoolhouse: Part 2

I'm excited to share Part 2 of the Atlanta Schoolhouse. Click here to see Part 1 which showcases Anne Brown's incredible loft space. As you may remember, this building is Atlanta's oldest schoolhouse and has since been converted into eight condos. Our next feature is on Anne's downstairs neighbors, The Johns, which includes John Gibson and John Bluhm. 

I like how you can immediately tell this space is occupied by men, men with great taste that is. I'm drawn to all the dark and hefty metal and wood that abides here. The Johns have rightly coined their aesthetic as "evolved, smart, masculine eclecticism."  

The Johns know how to utilize a tall living space as one entire 12 foot high wall is inhabited by these proud and lovely birds. These striking illustrations are part of a 1989 limited edition restrike of the original 1780's stone litho plates by Olof Rudbeck, a renowned Swedish naturalist. And using the vintage coat hangers to display them is apt and cool. These incredible round pendant lights are hard to miss and easy to admire. The Johns happily inherited these from the previous owner. 

The dark, rich colors are the base to The Johns 2200 square foot space. Color pops up everywhere but as John G explains, "Texture is much more important than color. Color comes and goes."  

This fantastic wall is one of the first features I noticed just inside The Johns front door. I absolutely love that they printed personal black and white photos and by utilizing repetition and black tape, created a low cost but high in appeal art piece. As John G shares, "The tape gives graphic punch and it's an easy enough pattern to eventually expand to the whole wall." Check out John's wonderful photography blog here.

As much as I am in awe of all their large scale industrial furniture, I really like all the bold and pretty pottery that thoughtfully balances their space. Vibrant green plants are found throughout the home, with room to grow in large, glass vessels. Bigger is certainly better here...

Another feature I absolutley love are the well placed letters in their kitchen window that, when the sun shines through, displays a backwards "EAT" just above the kitchen sink. Too perfect.  

*If you live in Atlanta, be sure to visit Paris on Ponce where John G sells a fabulous assortment of antiques...


Photos and Content: Sweet Peach