Wit & Whistle

I love a soothing color palette and graphic artist, Amanda Wright from North Carolina manages to inspire and calm all at the same time. These technicolor cards grabbed my attention and made me curious to see more...

Amanda sells over a dozen card sets on her Etsy site, Wit and Whistle. Many have a modern feel yet convey a personal touch. Amanda explains, "I find modern geometric patterns appealing but I think I love the hand drawn, organic style even more."

I'm a fan of her little notebooks, or jotters. Amanda likes how they can fit in your back pocket. I work as a tv producer in the field and I'm constantly buying small notebooks that can fit in my pocket, as having a notepad easily accessible is a must. And of course...I prefer for them to be pretty just like these. 

All her greeting cards are beautifully designed. As she explains, "I find inspiration by keeping up with blogs, flipping through design books and making a point to observe the world around me." She adds, "When all else fails, I just sit down with my sketchbook and rack my brain until I think of something." 

This pretty white roses piece is a hand pulled, screen print made from an original illustration. She's only making 50 available so grab one soon if you're an admirer. Such a lovely shop, thanks for sharing Amanda. 


Photos: Wit & Whistle   Content: Sweet Peach