I'm always on the lookout for interesting design and really like what I found at HollerDesign in Lascassas, Tennessee. You may remember them from their incredible farmhouse bathroom renovation which I featured in a post last month. Today, I wanted to highlight some of their furniture. Melissa and Matt Alexander were inspired by the traditional furniture of rural America when creating these pieces and utilized white oak and rubber strapping for these more modern versions. 

With their office and workshop located in a rural farm in Tennessee, both Matt and Melissa are deeply influenced by their Southern roots and "inspired by rural forms and textures." They quote Calvin Beale on their site, as he espoused that Southerners are "inclined to self sufficiency and simple living, (with a) widespread interest in environmentalism, conservation, alternative fuel sources, rural aesthetic values, home food production, and local self government." 

I love these side tables or stools they refer to as Beam. Made from locally sourced, reclaimed pine barn beams, these pieces can add a charming, rustic touch to your decor. Melissa explains more of the process; "Bowdock pegs of Osage Orange wood create a tight, glue-less joint, which is similar to the type of joinery traditionally used for barns in the Southeast. We then hand char each piece to create a rich, dark black, then protect the finish with a hand applied, water based polyurethane."

Matt and Melissa studied the traditional, ladderback rocker to create their updated version, the Rocker 03. Melissa explains, "The finishing process utilizes an all natural ebonizing solution, followed by black pigment and finally a hand applied, water based polyurethane. This creates a lustrous black finish with just a hint of brown undertone and a glowing sheen. We like to say it has classic southern charm with a hint of urban chic." 

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Photos: Bradly Brown and HollerDesign   Content: Sweet Peach