Marcia Alscher

With a focus on form, color and light, Marcia Alscher of Covington, Kentucky wants you to see the beauty in the regular, nondescript buildings that we all pass by each day.

An architect for 15 years before returning to her first love of painting, Marcia has an aesthetic that exudes the lessons of her education-  clean lines and a strong sense of balance and structure. Above, a slave house and rear portico from Carl Sandburg's now historic home site in Flat Rock, North Carolina. 

Marcia appreciates form and she appreciates the history of a place and the space it inhabits. Having an architect's point of view, she explains, "It is the geometrics of the scene that captures my eyes first. I see the shapes flushed with light and darkened by shade. I work to find the building's personality, its charm, the meaning of its context." 

She adds, "Using a precisionist's eye, I paint the beauty in the everyday, familiar buildings of our world; the small houses in our communities, the simple churches of our past, the regal barns on our back roads, the aging agricultural silos and the forgotten factories of another era." 

Through her paintings, Marcia hopes that others can appreciate "the elegance and grace in the small, unimportant architecture of our everyday life." 

Marcia most often works from photographs and creates a first draft. Then, as she explains, "Within this draft I start looking for the symmetries, proportions and harmonies which will be used to develop into a proportional grid that is drawn over a copy of the first draft." It is through this process that she finds the middle, or the balance of the painting. 

On a copy of the original draft, she'll add shades of gray to determine light and shadows. A color palette is then chosen and the first 'under painting' created. 

And then the final painting...such wonderful work. I like how Marcia describes her art and I like that it inspires me to start seeing the world around me a bit differently- from the older, uncared for homes in my neighborhood to the community stores that I usually don't think twice about. There is always something to appreciate if you just take the time to look. A little gift from Marcia today...

Click here to learn more about Marcia Alscher or to have Marcia create a portrait of your own home in her style.   


Paintings: Marcia Alscher   Content: Sweet Peach