Reclaimed Vintage Ties

The go-to guy gift tends to be the standard necktie. I'm all for it but I like to seek out one that stands out from the crowd. These ties, out of Nashville, Tennessee, are reclaimed and repurposed. When a vintage tie with a cool print is found, it is cleaned, taken apart, then resized and resewn for an updated, modern look. 

Well priced at $50 each, Reclaimed Vintage Neckties are a good gift to give. Better to keep your holiday interesting & unexpected & these stylish ties certainly fit the bill... 


Gifts of Indigo...for the men

Indigo seems to be the impact color this year. It's rich, earthy, enticing and it sprung up in all manner of gifts for the guys this year. This mix of items above I found over at the Stag Provisions shop in Austin, Texas. 

From top left: Tweeds floral pocket square, $40. The Hill-Side indigo bow tie, $85. Appointed Workbook, $24. Billy Reid chevron tie, $125. Sid Mashburn scarf, $85. Mifland Rucksack, $415. 

More gifts to impress include Sid Mashburn cashmere sweater, $475. Herringblone blanket, $420. Indigo dopp kit, $51. Imogene + Willie jeans, $235. Indigo catch all, $150. Anchor Bracelet, $31. Oak Street Loafers, $325.  


Hammer & Axe

As a homeowner, I know the value of a good hammer. I had a pink one that my mom gave me after college but through the many years I kept it in my house, it never really had that much power behind it. But this hammer, is different. Made by Council Tool in Waccamaw, North Carolina by fourth generation toolmakers, these hammers are part hot forged steel and part American hickory wood. It's a manly hammer, suitable for striking wood, metal, stone and concrete. 

As last night was the first night I went to bed in a chilly house, I had dreams of having a fireplace in my room. And if I did, I'd have this axe (or this one) next to my outdoor woodpile. Another North Carolina made dropped forged steel axe with a hickory handle, that comes with a leather sheath with buckle closure, it's an axe to last a lifetime.  


Images: Kaufmann Mercantile     Content: Sweet Peach


Rye 51

I like the change in seasons. I've noticed I adjust what I eat, what I wear, what I blog about. Like today, I have a really good reason to talk about pocket squares again...

These handsome linen pocket squares with wood buttons come via Rye 51 of Dallas, Texas. In their online shop, you'll find over two dozen choices, many of which perfectly complement the darker, earthier colors and textures we see this fall. 

This bright blue check linen square and plaid linen square have my heart. A little boldness with a classic and cool pattern goes a long way... See all of Rye 51's pocket square options, here. 


Images: Rye 51     Content: Sweet Peach


Parrott Canvas

I like bags made with a specific lifestyle in this Carpenter's bag made with a removable, covered board to give structure to the bottom. Crafted with wax canvas duck fabric, it's strong and durable, plus it's built to be taken places where it may get wet, dirty, kicked around... do what you will, it can take it. 

The crew at Parrott Canvas, based out of Greenville, North Carolina, have been designing and producing manly totes and bags for over 20 years. These are my favorite of their stylish, functional bags but their shop includes hundreds of options for every carry need. Pick your favorite, here.


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The Man Tote

A couple of days ago, my friend Antonis said he needed help finding a man tote. Something light, easy to fold up but still stylish and masculine. I decided he needed the chambray tote by Charleston based artist, Erik Holmberg of Starkmade.

Erik also crafts a series of more durable totes, both thin and wide. It's a good selection that hopefully can appease the pickiest of male shoppers. His work continues to impress me- as he began his shop by crafting leather goods like this gorgeous Franklin bag, but has since expanded his wares to include an impressive collection of bags, wallets, belts and pocket squares. Check it out for yourself, here. 


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Textures and Layers

The Billy Reid Bond Peacoat

In one of my favorite Bond movies, Skyfall, Daniel Craig traverses the streets of Shanghai adorning a perfectly fitted Billy Reid navy peacoat. Since that film's release, the classicly cool peacoat has been renamed the Bond Peacoat and has garnered quite the following...

This Billy Reid peacoat is rooted in tradition but distinguished by peak lapels, natural buffalo horn buttons and a leather accented under collar. I particularly like the extra hand warmer pockets.

The Bond Peacoat is available in limited numbers each year in four different colors; Navy, Charcoal, Heather Green or Black. As autumn soon approaches, it saddens me as all I can think about is how winter isn't far away (I abhor the cold). Yet, gorgeous outerwear likes this makes it a lot more bearable. Check out the entire menswear collection at Billy Reid, here.


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Elk Head Clothing

Last month, I met Garrett Hilgendorf at an event at the Brick + Mortar shop in Atlanta. My friend Matt introduced us as Garrett was just days away from launching his first men's fashion collection, along with his business partner Jonathan Ruane, under the name, Elk Head Clothing. Garrett was wearing a couple of his pieces and without any bias, I thought- now this would make a perfect Manly Monday post.

My favorite of Garrett's pieces are his Oxford Popovers, available in both blue and indigo. With just a few buttons and a pocket (or not), they blend dressy and casual quite seamlessly. 

The line is beautifully made and well priced. Elk Head shirts range from $98-$118 and the trousers are $148. Garrett refers to his collection as casual and rugged, a result of growing up in Michigan as an avid outdoorsman and hunter. I'm just happy he's now here in Atlanta, sharing his skills and cool, modern aesthetic. 

If you're in Atlanta, you can see Garrett and Jonathan's collection for a limited time at the Brick + Mortar shop or, as always, online. I have to say what I really admire about the Elk Head brand is the perfectly crafted logo. Click here to head to the site and run your mouse over it. A bit of genius...


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Checking in with Andover Trask...

I always like to check in with Matt Weaver of Andover Trask in Atlanta to see what he's up to. His collection of handsome totes are meticulously made and can only enhance the everyday look of the modern man. 

Matt continues to expand his collection of high quality totes and bags. Each one is made of durable American canvas and leather handles with thought given to both interior and exterior pockets. Like any good manly accessory, the totes embody a classic, timeless design, meant to be used and a bit abused and shown in plain view. Because compliments ensue...


Images: Andover Trask      Content: Sweet Peach