If you like the holiday season, you probably like a good party as well. Whenever I host a get together, no matter how much or little food is served, I always like to include at least one or two bowls of pretty candy. I used to think I did a good job in this respect, until I saw a shop called Sugarfina, where they take the pretty candy thing to a whole new level...

Rosie O'Neill and Josh Resnick started Sugarfina in 2012 in Los Angeles. Since that time they've opened boutiques across the country, including the South. All the candies are sourced globally from their frequent travels and endless tastings with the best artisan candymakers. From top left find Gingerbread Caramels and Peppermint Malt Balls made in the USA, Ice Cream Cones fom Germany and Bella Rosa from Italy. 

These beautifully packaged Champagne Bubbles and Baby Champagne Bears are so sophisticated and fun. Grown up gummy bears are never a bad idea...

There are hundreds of incredible candies to choose from, which is why I spent way too much time on their site the other day. In this set you'll find Fuji Apple Caramels, Candy Cane CaramelsKey Lime Pie Cookie Bites, and these Sugar Cookies whose description reads as follows:  "A teeny tiny sugar cookie is dipped in white chocolate, then sprinkled with superfine sugar." Be still my heart. To make your next holiday party sweet and memorable, just click here or here to find where the Southern shops are. 



Stephanie Seal Brown

As I create new posts again on Sweet Peach, I of course want to share items that are beautifully crafted and photographed. So when I saw the work of textile designer, Stephanie Seal Brown of Louisville, Kentucky the other day, I knew I'd start my holiday geared posts for 2015 with her. I'm such a sucker for tea towels...

Stephanie likes to elevate the simple tasks in life- like drying dishes. As I echo that sentiment, I would love nothing more than a pair of her gorgeous linen towels in my kitchen. At 17x24" the towels are well sized and meant to be used and to stick around a while. Well made things have that added benefit...

A tea towel may seem like an unusual gift but for anyone who loves their kitchen and time spent there with family and friends, it's a thoughtful item that is functional and pretty, durable and cherishable. And each of these colorful, lovely towels, crafted by the hands of Stephanie, are a southern made gift that won't soon be forgotten. To see more of Stephanie's handiwork, click here.


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Sweet Peach Sweet Spots ATL 2015

Back from a bit of an extended break (which was a much needed refresher), I'm happy to return to the blog with the release of the next Sweet Peach Sweet Spots paper. This one features Atlanta and Buford Highway. For those of us that live in Atlanta, we often visit Buford Highway knowing a place or two to check out so I hope this comprehensive guide of 25 BuHi Sweet Spots (and 60 Atlanta) entices us all to wander and explore. To view the paper, click the pic above or find the PDF, here. 

As with any creative endeavor, it takes a team. For this paper I have some truly wonderful colleagues and friends to thank. Vanessa Dina is my Design Director of the paper, Sarah Neuburger of The Small Object illustrates, Bob Conquest is key to creating the Design Layout and Zack Ezzo masterfully curated the Buford Highway Sweet Spots. Love these guys....

Here's just a sampling of the Sweet Spots and a wee bit of the Holiday Gift Guide. Just click here to see the latest Sweet Spots paper in its entirety. And Happy Monday, it's good to be back! Return to the blog tomorrow as I begin to share all the fun gifts we can give this holiday season...





Before I get knee deep in the holiday posts, I'm taking a 2-3 week break as I'm currently traveling pretty much nonstop for the next month, visiting good friends and exploring a bit. I'm also placing my focus on the next Sweet Peach Sweet Spots paper, which will be out and about in Atlanta by mid November. As always, it will be available on the blog as a downloadable PDF. If you don't subscribe to Sweet Peach, please do so here, and you'll know when I'm back up with new, daily postings, packed with lots of holiday gift ideas. In the meantime, you can follow my wanderings on Instagram. I imagine I'll be posting quite a bit. See y'all very soon...




The Antler Scoop

When i spied this hand carved Antler Scoop on Instagram a couple weeks back, I was hoping the creator was southern. Lucky for me, it was Anneliesse McKee from Asheville, North Carolina- one of my favorite towns that I had already planned to visit a week later. So...with her permission, I stopped by for a visit and she couldn't have been more gracious. 

Situated behind Anneliesse's home is the perfect sized workshop. It's a place for her to zone out, focus and carve. She found this passion about a year and a half ago after a seven year relationship ended. Instead of wallowing in a bad place, she decided to put her mind in a creative, motivated space, taking up banjo lessons, running miles on end, cooking recipe after recipe... and carving. 

As Anneliesse shared, "I just wanted to be so proud of myself." Well, she has nothing to worry about. Her hard work, derived from a deep passion, has gained notice. Bomisch now carries her Antler Scoop and a bit more of her impressive handiwork. And restaurants and shops around town are beginning to ask for custom orders. But of course...her journey continues to propel her forward. 

As if her outdoor workshop isn't ideal enough, I know her pups, Bruce and Mason love the setup too. They were running in and out as I took photos and Bruce perked up when a lone piece of wood turned up on the workshop floor. 

And when you receive your Antler Scoop, there is really no question it was made and cared for by hand with lots of care. Anneliesse wraps it in vintage fabric, adds some of the wood shavings from the carving session in a little sewn pocket and includes a thoughtful saying on brown paper. Her friends often come over, they drink wine and put these together. It's a gift to cherish. So is this artist.  

You can order Anneliesse's Antler Scoop from Bomisch in black walnut or cherry wood and she has a pretty Wreath Scoop too. Plus...these lovely wooden spoons. Click here for her maple, oak and sycamore wood spoons or here for long handled spoons in black walnut. I can't get my eye off that triangle one...


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SAVE THE DATE: The Deeply Market

I love the idea of an online market, which is the brainchild of singer and songwriter, Jillian Edwards of Nashville Tennessee and her crew of creatives from The Deeply Co. From November 2 - November 15, they have selected a small group of artisans to showcase one exclusive, limited run item, here. It'll be a mix of truly lovely home decor and fashion pieces. Artists picked for this event include, from top left, Boutonné; Tribe of Dreamers; Miriam Collection; Foxwood Co. and... 

Marcy Cook; Paper and Clay; Leah Michelle; Brandee Sandusky; Standard Wax; Handmade Studio TN and quite a few more.

Since this is an online market, you don't need to even leave the comfort of your own home to find some really beautiful pieces that you can scoop up and have delivered to your front door. Jillian and her team's curation is top notch and I look forward to logging in November 2 to see which items will be featured. Save the date and anytime between the 2nd and the 15th, click here.




Erika Gibson

With my love of ceramics, you would think I'd have a huge selection of pieces in my own home. I do not, but I do aspire...because artists such as Erika Gibson of eastern North Carolina craft the most beautiful things...

Erika has a love for minimal design and is infuenced by a mid century aesthetic. Her indigo hues are certainly in trend and I love the idea of having these stacked in my white kitchen, getting all the attention they deserve. 

My favorite pieces of hers are the coffee mugs and espresso mugs. Just too lovely for words. I'm bookmarking...aspiring to have in my home. Someday. 


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Hammer & Axe

As a homeowner, I know the value of a good hammer. I had a pink one that my mom gave me after college but through the many years I kept it in my house, it never really had that much power behind it. But this hammer, is different. Made by Council Tool in Waccamaw, North Carolina by fourth generation toolmakers, these hammers are part hot forged steel and part American hickory wood. It's a manly hammer, suitable for striking wood, metal, stone and concrete. 

As last night was the first night I went to bed in a chilly house, I had dreams of having a fireplace in my room. And if I did, I'd have this axe (or this one) next to my outdoor woodpile. Another North Carolina made dropped forged steel axe with a hickory handle, that comes with a leather sheath with buckle closure, it's an axe to last a lifetime.  


Images: Kaufmann Mercantile     Content: Sweet Peach



The Sandwich Wrap

I just wrapped a four month job and I must admit, I had lunch off site much too often. I spent excess money on sit down meals instead of making my own sandwich each day. So maybe for the next gig, I'll be more motivated to make my own lunch if I buy these aesthetically pleasing sandwich wraps, via Dot and Army

Jennifer Zamudia of Brunswick, Georgia crafted these fabric wraps exclusively for Food52. The wraps are available in black houndstooth, red pin dots, slate canvas, tan pin dots, neutral canvas and gray ticking. Simply lovely.

Order your favorite trio of well designed, self motivating sandwich wraps, here.


Images: Food52   Content: Sweet Peach



Radio Roasters

For the past year, Chip Grabow of Radio Roasters and I have emailed back and forth, always planning to get together for a blog shoot, but for some reason or other, never connecting. Until earlier this week, when we set a date on a Monday morning and I arrived and he was there. Perfect. Now let's have some of that coffee...

Part of the reason it took Chip and I some time to connect was because roasting small batch coffee is not his day job. He's an editor at CNN and does this coffee roasting thing on the side. Except it's not really just a thing- it's a big, ambitious, impressive thing. He does it for the love of coffee and Chip's passion is evident the moment I stepped inside his small roastery in Decatur, Georgia. He doesn't want others to just drink good coffee, he wants them to understand why it's good coffee. As Chip explained, "roasting coffee is an art form."

Coffee, at its origin is a food crop. Like a fine wine, the taste varies based on the soil it is grown in, the care the farmer provides, when it is harvested and how. The farmer who raised the beans now passes the responsibility on to those that roast and ultimately brew those beans. Chip savors the challenge. As he shared, "There are all these flavors locked inside a coffee bean that you don't realize is there."

During my visit, Chip roasted two of six coffee options that he is always rotating, depending what's in season and from where. The first up was Estate PB near Antigua in Guatemala which derives from the small bean known as peaberry-  which, if roasted just right, elicits a full bodied, sweet taste. The other coffee was Banexport from Huila, Colombia which showcases an apple crispness with a sweet, rich body.

It was so nice to have a cup of the Antigua coffee, roasted and brewed by a caregiver's touch. I told Chip, as I work in television studios and sets, I always hide my bad coffee with cream and sugar. But here I had the chance to drink a quality cup and really learn its depth and nuances. It tasted delicious and I learned a thing or two. Mission accomplished for Chip.

I also learned through our time together that Chip was a producer at NPR for 15 years (hence the name of his company). He's a man after my own heart as he loves a good story. And he continues to tell really good stories, whether he knows it or not, with each cup of coffee he serves.

If you live in Atlanta, you can purchase Radio Roasters coffee from Crafted Westside, Sq/ft or in Chip's online shop. As the formula goes, Chip roasts and you brew, so I recommend you check out his brewing tips for crafting a flavorful, quality cup. One that would make him and the farmer proud. 


Images: Whitney Ott, Sweet Peach     Content: Sweet Peach